Screen-Free Family Time, Delivered. 

We help families find balance between screen & social time in their homes by making it a routine & fun habit!

  • Together Unplugged is MUCH MORE than a single-session box. Each month we include activities & resources to help families play, create, read, learn, goal-set, laugh, team-build, and celebrate together throughout the month & beyond!

  • We are NOT your typical subscription. Why? Because our mission to assist families in establishing a healthy digital/analog balance in their homes, and we believe a year is long enough to build a routine that will stick. Learn more in our FAQ page.   

  • Best for families with kids ages 6+. Younger kids can often participate with a partner. Older teens who aren't  "allergic" to a little silliness & simple family games & projects may want to join the fun, too! 😉

  • No contracts or commitments.
  • Skip/Cancel/Restart easily, anytime. 
  • Sign up for a year and get your 12th box free! 

We have a problem, and you might relate.

In our family, we find it challenging to balance screen & uninterrupted, focused, together-time in today's world. Even as the creators of this box, we still have days where we struggle. We came up with the idea of always having "Old School" items on hand to make it easier to unplug & engage together more often. 

In talking to friends and looking around in public places, we see that we're not alone in the "digital-divide" struggle. This is our inspiration for Together Unplugged. We hope to help other families with this challenge, as we believe there are few things in life more precious than family relationships. 

Regular screen-free family time is a game-changer! 

Picture this: your family is gathered around the dining table or on the living room floor. Everyone's devices are put away. The rings, dings, buzzes, and flashing lights are gone - replaced with eye contact, smiles, laughter, and celebration. Wonderful bonding occurs while you play, create, read, brain-build, laugh, goal-set and celebrate together. 

Would your family's relationships improve if this occurred more frequently in your home? Subscribe now to have this opportunity delivered to your doorstep each month. Our goal at Together Unplugged is to help you by simplifying the process and empowering your family to establish a more balanced screen & focused together-time ratio in your home.

What comes in the boxes? 

Together Unplugged is much more than just a few games & activities!

Each month we carefully select & create items that will help your family play, create, read, learn, goal-set, laugh, team-build,  and celebrate together - lots of fun ways to interact and connect!

See details below:

Play & Create

PLAY: Fun Family Games

Each box includes a family-friendly game to enjoy together. We source awesome games that are new and/or less common. 

CREATE: Craft & Design Items

Each box includes something for your family to get creative with. Things like origami, STEM kits, paint-by-sticker, Lego kits, friendship bracelets, and more! 

Read & Brain-Build

READ: Highlights Print Magazine

Each box contains the current print edition of Highlights magazine. You will love reading & exploring a fantastic selection of fiction & nonfiction stories, articles, poems & more every month with your kids in this fantastic, ad-free classic!


Hands-on puzzles & brain games foster calm, brain-stimulation and elicit wonderful conversation. We source high-quality puzzles & games that will bring years of enjoyment & brain exercise. 

Goal-Set & Celebrate

GOAL SET: Monthly Tracker 

Set family & individual goals for the month, including a place for reflecting & celebrating accomplishments at the end of the month. This resource also includes a space for recording family thoughts of gratitude.

CELEBRATE: Holiday Calendar

Each box contains a calendar with holidays (many unique & little-known, such as Make Life Beautiful Day) to celebrate as a family. A few holidays each month have items in the box to help you celebrate! 


STUFF TO TALK ABOUT: Each box includes a different card with conversation starters, silly jokes, Would You Rather questions, and more!

FREE STUFF CONTESTS: Two every month -  a photo/social media tag for a chance to win a  free box AND a random prize giveaway contest related to one of the month's holidays!

BONUS TO FOSTER FAMILY EMPATHY & BONDING: Every new subscriber will receive immediate access to the digital Family Connection Map ($47 value)! This course will help your family experience less conflict, better communication, and more joy. Instant access is provided via an exclusive link in your new subscriber welcome email.



Subscribe today and you'll receive immediate access via email to the digital Family Connection Map ($47 value) to utilize while you wait for your first box to arrive. Annual subscribers receive their 12th box free! 

Box Delivered Each Month

Boxes ship out between the 1st & 3rd of each month and are delivered right to your door via USPS Priority Mail. You'll always have things on-hand for planned or spontaneous unplugged play time. This comes in handy for busy families!

Quality Family Time

Uninterrupted time for your family to engage and play together. Relationships are strengthened in the absence of digital distractions. Let's get intentional prioritizing family time.

Take more breaks from the dings, buzzes, and lights.

Enjoy focused & engaged playtime with your family.