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Would you like to send the gift of unplugged family time?

Select "THIS IS A GIFT" at checkout. This will allow you to enter your recipient's name, address and a gift message which will be included in their first box!

You will also see a checkbox to indicate whether you would like the gift to auto-renew or not after the selected plan expires. 

If you do NOT wish the subscription to renew when the plan expires, do NOT check the box which says, "Automatically renew this subscription."

Together Unplugged is a 1-year maximum subscription. 

If we’re lucky enough to keep you around for a full year, please note that your subscription will auto-cancel after your 12th box (in order to avoid sending you duplicate items).

Why this model? 

Our small team at Together Unplugged does not aspire to become a Fortune 500 company. Rather, we hope to make a modest living while pursuing our mission of helping busy families stay connected. We are a 1-year maximum subscription because we believe that in this period of time:

1. Unplugged habits & routines can be well-established.

2. We can help you build a fantastic home-library of games & activities, with a variety of gameplay styles and lots of replay value.

We also believe that if we were to attempt an on-going model, the quality and family-playability of our featured games would decrease. We’d rather send better boxes to fewer subscribers than the opposite scenario. For this reason, combined with 1 & 2 above, we choose to run a 1-year max model.