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Shopping for someone else?

Together Unplugged is a 1-year maximum subscription. 

If we’re lucky enough to keep you around for a full year, please note that your subscription will auto-cancel after your 12th box (in order to avoid sending you duplicate items).

Why this model? 

1. Our primary mission is to help your family establish healthy habits around technology, not to send you stuff forever. Our hope is that by the end of the year (or however long you subscribe) your family will  have a strong foundation of habits for how you balance screen & together-time, and be well-stocked with great games & activities to utilize. 

2. We want to build the very best 12 boxes we can while helping you implement your action-plan for establishing regular, uninterrupted family time. We believe that if we continued building new monthly boxes indefinitely, the quality of the items would begin to suffer. 

* With 2019 being our first year, we will have a few product changes in some of 2020's boxes as we work to optimize them. 

** For families who complete a year and would like to continue having unplugged fun sent to their homes 4 time a year, we are working on a quarterly box (to launch summer, 2020).

*** We also hope to launch Together Unplugged, Jr. in the summer of 2020, a box specially-designed for families with children ages 2 - 5. Stay tuned!